Tankar från vår verklighet.

Over-engineering a booth competition

During Security Fest 2018 we decided to build a competition the only way we know how: by over-engineering it! We started by buying a ball maze. We also recently saw that 8Bitdo had released their new SN30 controller and we wanted an excuse to buy one … maybe we can control the ball maze with it? So of course, we had to auto-maze the game and play it using a controller!

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Summary of Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2018

Every year Apple invites the community to their Worldwide Developers Conference and even though 6 000 developer gets to go every year it’s really hard to get a ticket. For me it took six attempts but I finally got one and it was worth the wait.

In a five day conference there are a lot of topics covered. There where over 100 sessions and even more labs where you could actually get access to over 1 000 Apple engineers. I managed to go to about a quarter of the sessions and visit a handful of labs and in this post I’ll try to summarize my impressions, talk about how it may effect us developers and link to the best talks.

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Going serverless, an introduction

What if I told you that you can get an API up and running in a couple of minutes. What if I told you that the deployed application will be running in both a development and a production environment where scaling is a non issue and where you only pay when your application is actually being used. Doesn’t that sound pretty great? This is the promise of serverless architectures.

For the last year I’ve been working on a project where we use this kind of architecture to create an IoT platform and not only have this made backend development fun for me again but it have fundamentally changed how I think about creating software. In a series of posts I’m going to take you through the experience of building a full application. Let’s start with an introduction.

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What makes responsive design work

In this brief introduction I would like to give you an understanding of the mechanisms that make responsive web design possible. I aim not to go into unnecessary details, but to explain concepts at a level web developers can benefit from. I also would like to mention that browsers do things differently, especially in the free land of Android, but this short text has no room for handling inconsistencies between browsers since that is a entire story itself.

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Välkommen till

Under det första året i KITS historia har vi lyckats med mycket. Vi har lyckats hitta duktiga och roliga kollegor, vi har lyckats leverera i spännande och utmanande projekt, varit på givande konferenser och en massa annat. På ett område har vi dock misslyckats fatalt, att få upp en enkel hemsida! Men plötsligt härnder det:

Välkommen till

Som vanligt återstår mycket att göra. En del texter saknas och andra behöver förbättras. Någon layout kanske inte fungerar i alla webbläsare men det är en 1.0 i alla fall. kommer givetvis vara ett av våra ansikten utåt men dessutom tänker vi oss att det kommer vara en sida där vi experimenterar med nya tekniker för att bygga modern webb och skriver om vad vi kommer fram till. Allt detta finns redan idag tillgängligt på GitHub så om ni vill rapportera ett fel eller bara är nyfikna så är ni välkomna. Vi kommer skriva mer här på bloggen om hur sidan är byggd inom kort.